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Partnering with the best

We're extremely proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Iraq's number one oil and gas energy, procurement and construction (EPC) service providers; AlGailani Group of Companies For Trading And General Contracting Ltd (GGC).

With over 4 million barrels of oil's produced every day, Iraq was always a key target market for us but with the barrier to entry we couldn't feasibly enter the market without a partner that we could trust and that has the track record of excellence aligned with our ambitions.

Working with the best

We were really impressed with GGC's work history and their rise to being number one service provider in Iraq. What was more important for us however was their like minded focus and vision of serving clients and partners with a standard of excellence.

Just like GGC, we put a high degree of importance on our reputation because we've always been big believers that reputation is the best currency to invest in. Knowing this, it quickly became a no brainer that this was a perfect partnership opportunity for us to work with the esteemed team at GGC.


“Iraq was always a key market for us and we were only going to be in business there if we could work with the best and the best in Iraq is unquestionably GGC” - Richard Naylor (Yall Elite Company Secretary)

Champions of excellence

Our new partnership has empowered our mantra of being 'champions of excellence' because of our alignment with great partners like GGC and like minded suppliers who share the same values in their own businesses through their products and services.

It's always been important for us to take on new challenges by entering new markets and this partnership is another key milestone in our journey to being considered the best if not one of the best in the businesses by virtue of excellence.

Market leaders

Again, we're extremely pleased to have associated ourselves and our brand with an esteemed company like GGC and excited about adding to GGC's already dominant position in Iraq by aspiring to not only continue to grow our collective marketshare but to also lead the market entirely with successful projects across all fields.

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