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Midwest to Middle East

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Midwest Hoses & Speciality Inc. goes to the Middle East in our new contract with our longterm client Iraq Drilling Company (IDC).

When our valued client IDC approached our partner The Al Kidmah Company For Energy Projects and Oil Services (KEO) with an RFQ for a series of hose lines, we were keen and confident on finding an exceptional supplier to deliver the goods.

“Our top priority was to find a top tier hose manufacturer who we knew could exceed IDC's exceptions of quality and efficiency.” - Yan Jsufay (Yall Elite Opeation's Manager)

We looked far and wide for a quality operator and finally found a good match in the Houston, Texas based Midwest Hoses & Speciality Inc. who were committed to working with us and KEO on producing the various specs of hoses needed by IDC.

The best of Midwest

We were really impressed with just how professional and committed the Midwest team were in producing spec perfect rotary hoses in various dimensions and then rigorously putting them through quality control testing to ensure that they met and exceeded the standards in performance and efficiency.

From Texas to Baghdad

Once the hoses passed all required testing, it was time to arrange the collection and delivery to Baghdad, Iraq. We called on the services of our long time international courier partner Frontline Logistics to see that IDC get the products on time and in the same condition as they left the Midwest Hoses Factory.

Thanks to the Frontline Logistics team, at the time of writing this post, the hoses are currently on a large vessel heading towards Iraq with an ETA of early December.

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