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Yall Elite Goes Global

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The Yall Elite team attends the Going Global conference at ExCel London, November 27th and 28th.

What a spectacular event! Our team got see what some of the best global companies have to offer ambitious companies like ours in the 48 hour action packed Going Global exhibition and conference. Going Global Live is the number one show in Europe for businesses that are looking to expand internationally, export products or set up overseas operations.

The future is Global

“Our ambitions are similar to the Going Global Live exhibition, so it was a great platform for us to explore growth opportunities for 2020 and beyond.” - Maan AlGailani (Yall Elite MD)

Wednesday the 27th of November

The first day of the two day exhibition had a great line up of keynote speakers to top the already impressive list of exhibitors at the conference. You had the likes of Liam Smith from the British Chambers of Commerce discuss the impact of Brexit on Traders, trade flows and Tariffs which was eye opening for us looking ahead to Brexit in January 2020.

Ian Gowers Miex from the Institute of Export & International Trade also held a fantastic keynote around how to sell in a Global Market which gave us a few ideas on what we're doing right and what we could be doing better to improve and grow our presence and trade value oversees.

The honourable Lord Waverley's keynote talk about life after Brexit in the UK was also really special to listen to considering his past track record in the House of Lord's and the esteemed SupplyFinder organisation which he setup empowers business trading in and out of the UK. His optimism for UK's trajectory was well received by our leadership team who left the talk inspired by the possibilities of a UK set on a global path.

Thursday the 28th of November

Thursday also got off to a flying start not too long after the doors opened at 10AM with Marco Giorgini holding a very insightful talk at 10:15AM around Google's flagship 'Market Finder' business product which we've already started to implement as part of our marketing plan. It's been a great tool in helping us analyse and identify underserved market areas and identify new ones we could grow in.

At Midday, there was highly anticipated keynote from Ingrid Van Der Zalm, a Senior Executive from UPS who talked to businesses like ours about taking our products and services across borders the right way, especially with the varying market trends, regulations and customer needs. This was an insightful keynote mainly because a majority of our business is delivering products and services internationally and you can never know too much about growing your exporting strategy.

Another great highlight of the afternoon was the improving digital presence keynote from Nigel Barker who is a Digital Adviser for the Department For International Trade. He really put into perspective the untapped technologies businesses like ours are not or under utilising in aiding our global digital presence and in improving our efficiency as a UK business trading globally.

Beating Brexit

Going global has been more than worth while and it's even inspired our desire to exhibit at similar future events. The key takeaway for our team has been that there are many tools and support systems out there at our disposal which we can adopt and adapt to beat the hurdles of global trading and a post Brexit era.

Overall it was a refreshing event that filled our team with great optimism for the future and our place in an ever changing global economy.

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